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Dr. Faruk Özlü, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology visited Ege University

Minister Özlü visiting İzmir for two days dedicated most part of his second day to Ege University.

Bakan Özlü paid a courtesy visit Ege University Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Budak in his office and then got together with the Ege University academicians in the meeting that was held in MÖTBE.

Rector Prof. Dr. Budak in the opening speech he made stated that; “As Ege University family which is composed of 85.000 academic, administrative staff and our students feel a glow of excitement. I thank to our Minister of Science, Industry and Technology who inspire us to experience such a day. Welcome to the pearl of Aegean Region’s beautiful İzmir and the most well-established university of the region, Ege University. Ege University, while contributing to our region on the fields of industry, commerce, health, social and cultural life, also conduced to increate other universities with 62 years of experience it had.” Rector Budak also added that; “Our vision is to be a research university by 2019.”

Minister Özlü in his speech stated that “We would like to transform Turkey into a center of Science. We have to produce knowledge. We desire that İzmir becomes the technology base of Turkey.”