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Ege University proudly presents local manufactured biomedical signal recording appliances

Good news from Ege University, speeding up its local vaccination production, is from healthcare field again. Ege University experts designed a home made biomedical signal recording appliance. All materials used in the design of the device are locallly manufactured and is 8 times cheaper than its substitutes.  


A working group composed of Ege University Engineering Faculty, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department’ academicians and students and headed by Prof. Dr Mehmet Engin designed a new prototype medical device in Turkey. For the time being it will be used for educational purposes.   


Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Budak stated that “Ege University is making a breaktrough in the field of biomedical devices in addition to its spur on local vaccination production. Unfortunately, our country imports 85% of its needs of medical devices. When it is taken into account the fact that high tech medical devices are very expensive, the importance of these locally manufactured devices developed by our academicians with their know-how at a reasonable cost would be more understandable.The manufacturing and assembling process was conducted by a localcompany founded by our academicians in our University’s Technopark. The commercialization and branding activities will be carried out by the same company.  Rector Budak added that “I personally think that our country is in need of local and inland initiatives that will increase our countries global competitive power.I personally thank to all our academicians and students who gave their contributions to this project.”