Çerez Örnek

Ege University from Past to Present

Ege University, the fourth founded university of Turkey, is established in accordance with the law No. 6595 issued on May 20th,1955 and began its educational life on November 5th, 1955.                            

The first two faculties of Ege University are Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Agriculture, which were founded in 1955. School of Nursing was also established within the same academic year.

Ege University, having completed its entire establishment in a span of 20 years, added new faculties, institutions, and schools to its academic units in different dates.

In 1982 the bisection of Ege University facilitated the foundation of Dokuz Eylül University with the handover of many pre-established faculties and graduate schools. Furthermore, the faculties and graduate schools of Ege University in various provinces and districts were later assigned to become the first faculties and graduate schools of Afyon Kocatepe University, Pamukkale University, Celal Bayar University, and Adnan Menderes University.

By the year 2023, Ege University includes 19 Faculties, 9 Institutes, 3 Graduate Schools, 1 State Conservatory of Turkish Music, 10 Vocational Schools, 6 Rectorate Units, 40 Application and Research Centers.


By the academic year 2022-2023, Ege University hosts a total number of 56.404 students, 48.211 of which are undergraduate and associate degree students, and 8.193 are postgraduate students. The university has 3283 academic staff and 7070 administrative staff.

Ege University, being one of the country’s leading scientific institutions, has a strong research infrastructure especially with its accredited Research and Application Center of Drug Development and Pharmokinetics, Environment and Food Analysis Laboratory (ARGEFAR), Petroleum Analysis Laboratory (EGEPAL), MATAL (Application and Research Center of Central Research Test and Analysis) FABAL (Pharmaceutics Research Laboratory), BESTMER (Biological Energy Systems and Technology Center), Ege University Research and Application Center of Textile and Apparel Manufacturing (TEKAUM) and a total of 896 laboratories within the faculties, graduate schools, institutes, research and application centers to aid educational and research activities within, and Ege Teknopark Technology Development Zone and nüvEge Incubation Center.

Since its establishment, Ege University, as Turkey’s fourth, and the region’s first and the oldest university, has adopted the principles of contributing to the scientific world in a universal scale by producing knowledge rich in quantity and quality, educating productive individuals and culturally well-equipped researchers who are conscious about local and global facts, and creating a higher added value with its regional strength by prioritising social benefit. During its 68 years of background, Ege University has succeeded not only in research and education, but also in transferring the acquired knowledge to society, and thus has broken new ground in multiple fields. Besides its internationally acknowledged quality education, and the theoretical and practical research activities, with its unique model to bring the university together with industry, state, research and development, innovation, entrepreneurship, and information and knowledge transfer issues, Ege University is a pioneer representative of Fourth Generation University Concept.

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