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The first carpus tumor prosthesis in the world was designed in Ege University

The prosthesis which fills in the cavity as of excision of carpus tumor and provides refunction was designed in Ege University. 

Ass. Prof. Burçin Keçeci and Ass. Prof. Levent Küçük from Ege University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology designed new carpus prosthesis.  


Footballer Ali Rıza Turhal (Age 21) applied to our hospital will recover by means of this new technique.

Ege University Rector Necdet Budak paid a courtesy visit to the team who designed the new prosthesis and the patient and stated that “We feel the right proud of witnessing an exemplary success of innovation ability that takes its roots from Ege University tradition. Rector Budak added that “Turkey imports its biomedical needs at a considerable extent. We endevaour to develop the design of the prosthesis and to promote its usage to other hospitals in Turkey.  Our academicians will share their success with a presentation in the World Musculoskeletal Tumors Congress which they are going to participate in.  I personally think that they scientifically mark a new epoch on the field concerned. I congratulate and wish our distinguished academicians a continued success as the Rector of Ege University.”


‘’ If we use the designs developed by Turkish Doctors our economy and our country will prosper ’’


Dr. Keçeci stated that “One of the biggest problems of Turkey regarding health sector is importee prostheses. Our country regularly import prostheses and spend substantial amount of foreign currency to them. A large portion of the budget of our Ministry of Health is allocated to these products. We as Turkish scientists have to take aim to reduce foreign dependency and while designing these kind of products in cooperation with Turkish industrialists. “  


One of the most important centers in Turkey

There are four types of carpus prostheses which are applied to post wrist cartilage degeneration and wrist injuries. The first prosthesis which fills in the cavity as of excision of carpus tumor and restores its function was designed in Ege University in the world.