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The first scarless thyroid operation in Bulgaria by the surgeons from Ege

Bulgaria's first scarless thyroid operation was done by a team headed by Associate Prof. Özer Makay from Ege University Faculty of Medicine's Department of General Surgery. Prof. Makay's team achieved the same unique operation last month in Georgia and added on a new achievement.

Ege University Rector Necdet Budak paid a courtesy visit to Makay's team and stated that "Ege University is one of the most important health centres in the region, our members' achievements are the best proof of this fact. Our faculty members healing our citizens from every region of our country achieve scientific successes as well. Our Team headed by Associate Prof. Makay has just undertaken another scarless thyroid operation in another neighbor country. I congratulate the surgeons who made our country and university proud. "

Associate Prof. Makay stated that "We undertook the first scarless thyroid and parathyroid operation upon the invitations of Prof. Dr Gianlorenzo Dionigi from Messina University in Italy and Prof. Dr Rumen Pandev from Sofia University, Medical School Hospital in Bulgaria. Scarless thyroid operations as a technique are practiced in 80 centers in 29 countries, and these numbers are climbing day by day. Turkey added its name to the list as one of the pioneers of scarless thyroid operations by means of the studies we conducted at Ege University. As you may remember we already ably undertook this operation by a team co-headed by me and my colleague Prof. Dr Gianlorenzo Dionigi. We believe that our undertakings bring proud to our university and our country. We thank all who supported us. "

Ege University has the prestige of being the first medical institution which applied the technique of scarless thyroid operation in Turkey.