Ege University

"Peaceful University, High Quality Education, Bright Future"

Why Choose Ege University?

History and Prospect; EGE UNIVERSITY

  • A university with a history of 63 years with a good record of breaking grounds
  • A university initiated foundation process of a number of state and foundation universities and/or served as guarantor university in the region for them
  • A university that produced 209.503 qualified graduates who would take Turkey into the future with its long-standing past 
  • A university producing services for the people in but not limited to medicine, lifelong learning, preserving cultural heritage, environmental issues and their solutions.
  • A dynamic university improving the nearby areas which holds supreme research quality and social benefit in high regard
  • A preliminary case for Turkey as a university in pursuit of 3th generation university approach aiming to attend high quality education on international level and to create a crosspoint for research activities in theory and practice and cooperation between university and industry in research and development activities, innovation and technology transfer.   

Quality in Research and Teaching

  • Ege University has ranked 653TH on international and 8 TH on national level in University Ranking conducted by  URAP (University Ranking By Academic Performance) based on scientific publishing and international cooperation.
  • Ege University ranked 4th on national level in “Top 1000 Universities” list of 2018 - 2019 prepared by CWUR and 3th in national level in “2018 World University Ranking” list prepared by Leiden University 
  •  A university holding ECTS LABEL qualified by European Commission upon completing Bologna Process along with a limited number of European Universities.
  • One of the first universities in Turkey holding right to issue Diploma Supplement as of 2015 upon approval by European Commission 
  •  First university in Turkey to participate in Erasmus Exchange Programme.
  • Accredited programmes: Computer Engineering, Electric and Electronic Engineering, Food Engineering, Cehmical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Textile Engineering in Faculty of Engineering, Programmes in Faculty of Pharmacy, Programmes in Nursing Faculty, Programmes of Psychology in Faculty of Letters, Internship Programme in Faculty of Medicine and Distance Learning Programme in Radiology in Faculty of Medicine, Underwater Technology Programme and Marine Transportation and Management Programme in Urla Maritime Vocational School. Accreditation fort he programmes  whose period has expired has been renewed.

 Department of Clinical Microbiology of Faculty of Medicine has been accredited for “Clinical Microbiology Specialty Programme” and School of Foreign Languages was inspected by Pearson Assured Institution and accredited on international level. Ege Unıversity Continuing Education Center has also been accredited and holds the right to provide BTEC training.
The laboratories accredited within scope of laboratory accreditation work:
Fuel and Oil Analysis Laboratory (EGEPAL), Textile and Apparel Research and Application Center (TEKAUM) and  Food Engineering Application and Research Laboratories.

  • Ege University Library holds 220.000 printed and 197.892 e- books, 46.954 eletronic journals, 24 institutional e-journal, 61 databases, 464.870 resources in total. 1.334.995 people have accessed these resources in 2017-2018.
  • A university  with a great library holding 4 reading halls, 4 specialization libraries, audio books and similar services for the visually impaired, rare collection and thesis and multimedia content collection.
  • A university with a qualified and experienced academic staff,, with a ratio of 19.8 students per researcher
  •  According to statictical data provided by TÜBİTAK ARDEB, Ege Üniversity
  • Ranked 1st with 382 project applications
  • Ranked 1st with 81 approved projects
  • Ranked 3rd in Project budget assigned by TUBİTAK with 27.41 Million  TRY in 2017
  • Ege University was in top 10 list promoted for good practices within scope of TUBİTAK 1513 Promotion Programme for Technology Transfer Offices.
  • A university with Ege Technology Development Region founded in 2014
  •  A university producing nearly 2 million Euros though 89 project application within scope of HORIZON 2020 (2014- 2020) and 9 approved projects
  • A university improving cooperation with industry through 4 SAN-TEZ projects by 2017
  • A enterpreneur and innovative university with 53 patents and utility models, 87 invention in 2017, 297 agreements for technology transfer and cooperation on international level, 75 enterpreneur companies active in Ege Teknopark Technology Develeopment Area, 28 of which are in first phase, 23 of which were founded by academic staff, 41 start- up companies (founded in Ege Teknopart in 2015-2018 period) and 5 spin-offs.
  • A university ranked 14th  in Enterpreneurship and Innovation Index in 2017
  • A university with

                      465 publications in 2018

                      1324 publications in 2017

                      1437 publications in 2016

According to data provided by Web of Science (SCI- EXPANDED, SSCI, SSCI, A&HCI) indexed journals  as of  2018.06.19


A Living Campus

  • 61 Students associations ranging from history art to photography, from cycling to American Football and active campus life creating spaces of active participation
  • An active life in campus covering traditional organizations such as Spring Fest (organized for 39 years), Interational EgeArt Days, Republic and Atatürk Days, Book Exhibition Days and activities in open and indoor spaces.
  • Cultural centers, conference halls and exhibition halls to hold a high number of scientific and social gatherings.
  • A university holding sports in high regard with Olympic Pool with 2.000 seating capacity, swimming pool,    Grand Sports Hall covering an arena with 3.150 seating capacity, 2 gymnasiums, gym, table tennis hall, 4 tennis courts, 2 indoor tennis courts and training wall for tennis,   20 Mayıs Sports Facilities, consisting of athletics track in international standards with a tribune for 2000 persons and football fields and multi-purpose sports halls in standard sizes, 50. Yıl Spor Salonu with 1.000 seating capacity, Small Sports Hall with 250 seating capacity,  outdoor running track and outdoor sports field; 340 m2 fitness room, 3 60 m2 private exercise rooms and 360m2 Healthy Life Center with special synthetic running track, a synthetic grass soccer training course; a number of outdoor basketball and volleyball courts within the faculties ; 2.3 km long bicycle paths


Dynamic University

  • A university with disabled Access ramps, elevators and platforms, promoting themes "Accessible Campus" and "Accessible Ege"
  • A campus satisfying all needs of a student with greean areas, bicycle paths, culture, art and sports facilities, dormitories managed by KYK and Student Village, cafeterias, coffee houses, bank branches, hospital, Ege University Radio and Television.
  • A green and sustainable campus with baffle plates on powered by sun and central parking areas to prevent traffic jam.
  • A university contributing national values through Ethnography Museum, Paper and Book Art Museum, Museum of History of Nature, Insects Museum, Antiquities Collection in Faculty of Letters, Arboretum and other museum and exhibitions which are open to visit by students and the public.