Ege University





Our mission is to meet regional, national and universal requirements in education and research; to raise individuals who are professionally and culturally equipped, open to change and who adopt scientific thinking as a way of life, to be a university  that stood on its core values and offer  knowledge  for the benefit of society.


Ege University defined its vision in the following areas:

To be a pioneer in science and technology: To increase the capacity to produce and share knowledge, to be among the top 5 universities in Turkey and the first 400 in the international arena.

To establish a strong cooperation and communication network with national and international stakeholders.

To create a green, sustainable, accessible and livable campus: To improve the physical infrastructure and superstructure of the University campus within the framework of the Master Plan; to use resources efficiently, reduce carbon footprint and at the same time create an unburdened university environment.

To contribute to the economic, social and cultural life of the region: To share educational and research outcomes with the society and to transform it into social benefit

To strengthen the financial structure: To use assets effectively and efficiently; to increase domestic and foreign revenues