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Education and Research Infrastructure

Apart from the computer and foreign language laboratories which are in the service of both students and academic staff, there are also 603 laboratories employed for specific training and research projects conducting by the faculties, schools, institutes and research and application centers. The distribution of laboratories by the academic units as follows:





Faculty of Dentistry (Total Number of Labs: 10) Computer, Phantom, Prosthodontics, Orthodontics (2), Microscopy, Pathology, Physiology, Motional Prosthesis, Fixed Prosthesis Laboratories.

Faculty of Pharmacy (Total Number of Labs: 39)
Student Research Laboratories (8), Research Laboratories (31) (One of them FABAL)

Faculty of Letters (Total Number of Labs: 11)

Psychology, Psycho-Technical Analysis, Psycho-Technical Evaluation, Photography (2), Equipment Analysis (3), Computer Based Evaluation of Excavation and Research Data, Ceramics, Sedimantology Lab for Alluvial Geomorphologic Studies, Computer Based Labs for Geographic Information System.

Faculty of Education (Total Number of Labs: 1)
Computer Laboratory

Faculty of Science (Total Number of Labs: 47 )

Research and Student Labs (20), Super Transmitter, Liquid Crystals, Molecular, Acoustic, Dielectric, Nuclear Physics, Solid Form Physics, Thin Film Optic, Viscoelasticity, Computer, Serology, Genetics, Animal Physiology, Histology, Cytology, Comparative Anatomy, Parazoology-Parasitolgy, Insect Culture, Silkworm Breeding, Endocrinology Research, Tissue Culture, Glicobiology, Molecular, Genetics, Tissue Culture, Electron Microscopy, Plant Stress Physiology, Plant (Anatomy, Physiology, Ecology, Palinology, Systematic, Tissue Culture), Microbiology Research Laboratories.

Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences (Total Number of Labs: 1)
Computer Laboratory.

Faculty of Communication (Total Number of Labs: 4)
Photography, Computer, Video Recording Studio, Dubbing Laboratories.

Faculty of Engineering (Total Number of Labs: 71)
Thermodynamics and Energy, Computer, Technical Drawing, Mechanics, Software, Research, Training, Micro, Electronics, Work Station, Construction Equipments, Ground Mechanics, General and Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Textile Analysis, Physical Textile Analysis, Cotton Yarn, Wool Yarn, Weaving, Knitting, Dying, Printing, Apparel Manufacturing, Electronics, Digital, Microelectronics, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Animal Cell Culture, Physics, Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis, Cosmetics, Atomic Absorbing, Uv-Ir, Gas Chromatography, Surface (D.Sc.), Avicenna Project, Ec-Inco-Dc Project, Research, Chemical Technology Research, Polymer Research, Test Management, Chemistry, Chemistry Engineering, Computer (2), Research (15) and Practicing Labs (11) for Food Engineering.

Faculty of Fisheries (Total Number of Labs: 10)

Fishing Technology, Seafood Process Technology, Seafood Microbiology, Water Quality, Artemia, Toxic Algae, Ecotoxicology, Fish Bacteriology, Fish Virology, Fish Parasitology Laboratories.

Faculty of Medicine (Total Number of Labs: 81)

Bacteriology (2), Routine, X-Ray, Respiration Function, Respiratory, Allergy (2), Endoscope, Genetics, Pediatric Endocrinology, Research (3), Central Research , Polyclinic (2), Oncology, Holter, Eco-Cardiography, Routine Hematology, Biochemistry, Routine Biochemistry and Infertility, Basic Biochemistry, Clinical Biochemistry, Pediatric Immunology, EEG (2), Nuclear Medicine, Reia, Blood Gases, Infection Diagnose and Examine (5), Medicine Analysis, Pharmacology for Isolate Organ Application, Isolate In Situ Applications, Cell Culture, Emg. Urodynamics, Cybex, Heel Ultrasonography, Performance, Radiology (8), Forensics, Pathology, Routine Pathology, Histamine, Immune Histamine, Water, Audiometric Clinic, Phoniatry (Eng+Era), Policlinic Audiometers, Cytogenetic, Molecular Biology (2), Electron Scanning Microscopy, Policlinic Coprology, Serology, Medium, PCR, Immunoparasitology, Experimental Parasitology, Hemogram, Nephrology, Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratories.

Faculty of Agriculture (Total Number of Labs: 64)

Preparation and Extraction, Ecophysiology, Physiology, Fruit, Seed, Tissue Culture, Mushroom, Microscope, Biotechnology, Clinical, Mycology, Virology, Bacteriology, Herbalogy, Biological War, Acarology, Nematology, Physiology, Agricultural Zoology, Practicing, Entomology, Student Practicing, Microbiology, Chemical-Physical, Microscopy, Physiology, Applied Molecular Genetics, Medical Plants Quality and Analysis, Tobacco Quality and Analysis, Cytology, Protoplast Culture, Potato Quality and Analysis, Material Test, Water Pipe Testing, Testing and Research of Agricultural Machines, Engine and Electrification, Testing and Analysis of Milking Machine, Hydraulic, Irrigation and Drainage, Agricultural Construction and Ground Mechanics, Plant Raising and Soil Fertility, Soil Physics, Soil and Water Protection, Soil Microbiology, Soil Study and Cartography, Distant Censoring, Radiophysiology, Radioisotope, Soil Genetics, Chemical Analysis, Microbiological Analysis, Biological Analysis, Central Laboratory

Institute of Natural Sciences (Total Number of Labs:179)

Applied Molecular Genetics, Medical Plants, Tobacco Quality, Seed, Cytology, Tissue Culture (3), Protoplasm Culture, Potato Quality, Physiology (2), Microscope, Water Pumps Test, Engine and Electrification, Agricultural Machinery and Test Research, Product Drying, Testing Milking Machines, Material Test, Fodder Analysis, Fodder Microbiology, Egg Quality, Biological Analysis, Electronics (2), Digital, Micro Electronic, Research (31), Practice (14), Meat Process, Milk Process, Fruit and Vegetable Process, Bakery, Wine Test Management, Basic Management, Research and Education (15), Preparation of Equipment´s for Paleontology and Zoology, Student Practice (2), Physical-Chemical, Microbiology, Milk Test Management, Software, Training, Micro, Work Station, Plant Raising and Soil Fertility (4), Soil Physics, Soil Microbiology, Soil-Water Protection, Soil Study and Cartography, Distant Censoring, Soil Genetics, Radiophysiology-Radioisotope, Thermodynamics and Energy, Computer (2), Technical Drawing, Mechanics, Physics, Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis, General and Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Textile Diagnosis, Physical Textile Diagnosis, Cotton Yarn, Wool, Yarn, Knitting, Dying, Printing and Apparel Manufacturing, Hydraulic, Irrigation and Drainage, Ground Mechanics and Building, Preparation, Ecology, Mushroom, Microscopy, Biotechnology, Serology and Genetics, Animal Physiology, Histology-Cytology, Comparative Anatomy, Parasitology-Parazoology, Insect Culture, Silkworm Breeding, Endocrinology Research, Glucobiology, Molecular Genetics, Electron Microscope, Plant Stress Physiology, Plant Anatomy-Physiology, Plant Ecology, Palinology, Plant Systematic, Research and Student (16), Water Quality, Artemia, Toxic Algae, Ecotoxicology Laboratories.

Institute of Solar Energy (Total Number of Labs: 2)

Solar, Chemistry Laboratories.

Spectroscope, Electronics, Nuclear, Chemistry, Radon, Sample Preparation, Ra-Rn, Nuclear Fuel, General Chemistry I and II, Radioactive Substance Storage, Spectrophotometer Ent. Analysis, Counting, Chemical Substance Storage, Electrodeposition, Radiochromatography Laboratories.

Institute of International Computing (Total Number of Labs: 4)
Student, R&D, Multimedia, Training Laboratories.

Atatürk Medical School (Total Number of Labs: 1)
Family Planning and Consultancy Education Laboratory.

School of Physical Education and Sports (Total Number of Labs: 2)
Sport Performance and Computer Laboratories.

School of Nursing (Total Number of Labs: 3)
Computer (2), Student Skill Laboratories.

Atatürk Medical Technology Vocational Training School (Total Number of Labs: 1)
Tooth Prosthesis Laboratory.

Bergama Vocational Training School (Total Number of Labs: 2)
Apparel Manufacturing, Archeology Laboratories.

Çesme Vocational Training School (Total Number of Labs: 1)
Computer Laboratory.

Ege Vocational Training School (Total Number of Labs:45)
386,486, Pentium, General Food, Microbiology, Food Pant Testing, General Chemistry, Refinery and Petro-Chemistry, Ceramics, Agricultural Equipment and Machinery, Test Adjustment, Power Electronics, Basic Electronics, Circuit Analysis, Microprocessors, Digital, Printed Circuit, Electricity Equipments, Basic Electronic and Electric, Automatic Control, Machining, CNC, CAD, Equipment and Quality Control, Biomedical, Engine, Mechatronic, Transmitting Organs, Climatization and Cooling Systems, Installation, Control Systems, PLC, Telecommunication, Computer Hardware, Software. General Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Household Utensils, Washers, Coolers, Cooker and Warmer, Paint, Body shop and Rectifying, Machinery Oils, Computer Laboratories.

Ödemis Vocational Training School (Total Number of Labs: 1)
General Laboratory.

Tire Kutsan Vocational Training School (Total Number of Labs:4)
Computer, Chemistry, Microbiology, Fish Breeding Laboratories.

Research Center of Science and Technology (Total Number of Labs: 11)
Analysis and Research Laboratories (11)

Research Center of Genetic Diseases (Total Number of Labs: 3)
Cytogenetic, Molecular Cytogenetic, Molecular Genetics Laboratories.

Research and Application Center of Natural History (Total Number of Labs: 1)
Preparation of Paleontological and Zoological Equipment Laboratory.

Research and Application Center of Textile and Apparel Manufacturing (Total Number of Labs: 3)
Physical and Chemical, Textile Analysis, Printing and Dying Laboratories.

Research and Application Center of Seed Technology (Total Number of Labs: 3)
Seed Pathology, Physical Analysis of Seeds, Seed Quality Analysis Laboratories.