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About Ege University

İzmir, receiving its original name from the Amazonian queen “Smyrna” is one of the several cities in the world that dates back to neolithic era, dating back to 8500 years ago. İzmir, embodies one of the seven wonders of the world that is Temple of Artemision Ephesus as well as Agora a city left from the Romans and Guinness-Record Breaking oldest known bridge and many other historical treasures.

İzmir having become an important place in Mediterranean trade and a world harbor city by the 16th century, is the second largest industrialized city in Turkey after Istanbul. With its, Free Zone, International Fairs, Organized Industrial areas and large harbor, import and export trades are very developed in Izmir. The third metropolis of Turkey, İzmir, is the centre of Aegean region when it comes to industrial tourism and culture.

As the educational and cultural focal point of İzmir, Ege University takes its place in the middle with its half a century long history.
The University is built in one of the largest districts of the city, Bornova. The campus located in Bornova offers a 3450 decare space full of buildings that provide the people and the students with educational, cultural and sport related service.

In the university campus, an edge of technology modern library, indoor and outdoor pool, indoor sports salon, spaces of football, basketball, mini-football and tennis courts, an exhibition salon, with its 730 visitors capacity Prof. Dr. Yusuf Vardar – MÖTBE culture center, a Students’ Village dormitory that is highly accessible to the public, cafeterias, students shopping center, hypermarket, guest houses and locales for students and the personnel can be found.
In addition to that Girls Dormitory can also be found within the campus that is operated by the Student Loans And Dormitories Institution.

Ege University being at the Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir intersection provides the students with an ease of transportation. In addition to the busses by the Metropolitan Municipality, the metro that provides service en route Aliağa, Cumaovası, Fahrettin Altay, Evka 3 makes it even easier to travel to the campus from all around the city.

Ege University Rectorate and amongst the other bodies of the University include Ataturk Culture Center at Konak, Colleges at Çeşme, Ödemiş and Vocational colleges at Tire, Bergama, Bayındır, Ödemiş, Aliağa and Urla, Education and Implementation Centers at Urla, Menemen, Mordoğan, Çiğli, Özdere, Ege University Çeşme Education and Holiday facility in Çeşme, and an Observatory in Kurudağ. In addition, Ege University provides both the students and the personnel with a summer camp in İzmir, Özdere. Through these facilities, Ege Üniversity serves the students and the people with education, science, social, health, social and cultural areas.
Ege University is the first choice of those who wish to carry the pride and distinction of being Aegean, those who wish to combine the knowledge that modern ages require with life and become open individuals who are open to all social, cultural and scientific innovation.