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Ege University Quality Policy

Ege University with its vision that is "to be an educational and research institution which has advanced organizational bonds with reputable national and international science and technology institutions and to be an equivalent educational institution, having a strong institutional culture and identity, a high degree organizational commitment and member branding, to the high ranked universities in the world " declares its quality policy as such:
Ege University does not compromise on its core values for education and training, research, public service and administration processes.
Ege University shall - 
* design and update its education and training as to the requirements of the age and technological advances
* aim to concentrate its research and development activities on the priorities of our country and region while taking global trends into account
* provide public service in measurable and efficient standards 
* promote internationally interactive education and research ecosystems
* aim to promote  multidisciplinary, innovation and entrepreneurship oriented researches which   strengthens   university-industry-state cooperations and to produce outputs leading the country to prosper at global level
* contribute to Ege University's competitive capacity on education and research areas while canalizing its diversity  to specialization areas 
* promote to extend accreditation , internal and external controls activities while keeping existing ones going 
* maintain a safe, healthy and peaceful working space for its employees in the light of Ege University' s institutional principles
*  develop content, belongingness and commitment for all its stakeholders
* create a quality management system and implement it

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